At Design Principles, we believe each project merits its own unique response, and every client should receive service that is professional, intimate, and consistent.

Regardless of the service we perform for our clients – design, consultation, inspection, or management – we treat each performance with reverence. We understand that for most clients our service is an investment and a matter of trust. The return on our client’s investment and our company’s good name is important to us.


Design Principles offers accessibility consulting & compliance services to the development community. From prevailing code reviews to conceptual design assistance to training, we provide accessibility services that help our client develop facilities that are compliant and socially considerate.


Design Principles’ research services include property inspections, due diligence reporting, code research, and estimating.


Design Principles planning services involve processes of research, collaboration, and critical-thinking to define and refine our client’s project scope. This service gives the client their first opportunity to develop their ideas into a concept. By retrieving and analyzing data, we educate our clients and enable them to not only make good creative and functional decisions but good business decisions. Collaborative programming allows us to plan and design efficiently without ambiguity. The client has the comfort of knowing that their vision has been transformed into a solid foundation from which to develop their project.


Design Principles endeavors to resolve design challenges with unique solutions that are aesthetically forward thinking, functionally appropriate, environmentally considerate, and fiscally sound.

The firm’s work ranges greatly in scale. From converting an under-stair closet into a temperature-controlled wine cellar to master planning large community center campuses, Design Principles approaches every challenge with the same vigor.


Design Principles can assist clients facilitate the construction of their projects by providing comprehensive management services for all phases of the construction process. We can manage and administrate the process with services that are tailored to the client’s need. From pre-construction to project close-out, Design Principles works to deliver projects to the client on time and on budget with professional excellence.