We help our clients by investigating and identifying the data needed for a complete and clear understanding of properties, their development potential, and their constraints. Upon completion of our investigation process, we provide our clients with a detailed report regarding the property. These reports are often used as part of risk assessment, bank financing, property acquisition, and/or development processes of commercial real estate personnel, individual building owners, developers, and their representatives. 

Our Research services include:

Design Principles offers as-built survey services for most post-construction. We record building partitions, site amenities, and building systems and convert the data into an accurate as-built drawings. The level of document detail is strictly based on the client’s needs.

This service is often used by real estate companies, developers, construction consultants, architects, engineers, interior designers, and property/ facility management companies in need of professional and accurate reports on a property’s existing conditions.

Design Principles offers code research services to property owners and architects as a separate service or as part of a comprehensive due-diligence package. We identify the prevailing model building codes, city ordinances, and other laws that may affect a proposed site and list specific minimum requirements that must be met to gain approvals and permits. Code research is typically handled by the designer or architect of record for a given project. This service is useful when time constraints, work overlap, or labor shortages adversely affect a new project’s design development schedule.

Property owners and developers may need specific information critical to site programming or determining a land use.

Design Principles offers due diligence services to property owners and developers. The acquisition of property can be dependent on existing conditions, land constraints, the proposed land use, and the potential for future land improvements. Our research team can provide a comprehensive study of a given property which helps our clients make informed business decisions are based on best available information.

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