Project Description

B. Frank & Relish Boutique Eatery
Plano, Texas 

B. Frank & Relish is a boutique eatery located in the The Boardwalk at Granite Park on the west side of the property’s center entrance. The 2,230 square foot restaurant also has a 1,323 square foot covered patio area that looks out onto the pedestrian boardwalk and lake beyond.  The dining room is designed to create an intimate dining experience that is visually unique.

The eclectic array of chandeliers hung from painted antique doors not only provide aesthetic imagery and lighting,  the design also helps with sound attenuation in the dining room.  The use of butt-joint glazing allows the prep kitchen to be showcased as part of the dining experience with the hearth style Argentine grill taking center stage.   The modern rustic design integrates the warm tones of leather and wood with the rich textures of tile and wallpaper to give the space a relaxed elegance that encourages fellowship.

B. Frank & Relish’s Philosophy
“Our philosophy is based on being bold, to B. Frank, for our food to speak to your palette, so you can Relish the Ingredients of Life.”

Our goal at DPI was not only to create a concept that aligned with the client’s philosophy and vision but a dining experience worth relishing.