DPI hired for Javvaji Renovation


The Project consists of redesigning the existing Master Closet to accommodate a new Powder Bath accessed from the common area. This will involve adding a new partition, doorway, plumbing fixtures, finishes, electrical, and possibly mechanical work.  The work will also involve core drilling through the composite floor system for plumbing tie-ins.

The design will be subject to the review and approval of the prevailing HOA Architectural Review Board.  Therefore, every effort should be made to minimize the impact of the existing structure beyond what is needed to complete the scope of work.  The scope-of-work will result in the following:

  • Modified Master Bedroom Closet
    • “California Closet” concept will be used in reduced closet area.
    • Information will be provided for future conversion of the existing to tub to a shower.
  • Lavatory area to be expanded as part of the future work.
  • New Powder Bath
    • Access way from Entry Area.
    • New barn door assembly.


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